Drop Day Book -eBook

CLIENT: Lee Hayes

APPLICATION: Adobe Photoshop CS6

BRIEF: Drop Day is a crime thriller novel, written by Lee Hayes. I was given a brief to design the front cover for Kindle eBook and a hard copy in the future, based on the basic plot as it was being written:

‘Told from the killers perspective, this is a tale of murder, love and fast paced action that will have you gripping your kindle tightly.

“On the fourteenth day of every other month, Kaylan Mancini executes a morbid, habitual act.”

One bloody female sacrifice, put on spectacular public display, drives two overworked detectives, Sylvia Vasquez and Michael Blackman, slaving late into the night, trying to unravel the serial killer’s demons, and decipher the reasoning behind the regular clockwork kills.

A stream of media-hungry copycat killers and unsavoury characters become fatalities of an inventive fashion, after they clutter Kaylan’s gruesome path.’

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A well known annual security trade show in the US, attended by Dedicated Micros and their solutions division, DM Network Video.
X x X stand space.

The brief was to highlight how Dedicated Micros’ products integrate seamlessly with each other to create one larger solution, suitable for multi site applications. The diagram graphics were the best way of showing this compatability and scalability. The customer (or potential customer) was able to identify their product straight away and see what they could add to it to grow their CCTV system.

I was responsible for initial concept, design, full artwork, liaising with the stand builder in the US for the large scale panels and also associated materials.


IndUS Aviation is an American Company, dedicated to providing high quality, low cost aircraft for the General Aviation and Sport Flying Communities in Dallas, United States.

I was asked to provide design and artwork for pop up banners for a small local trade show, using a limited amount of aircraft imagery available.